SKINOVEAU, a franchise company of Beauty Source, Inc., is a professional skin blemish removal center that specializes in the non-invasive, cream cautery-based removal of skin blemishes such as warts, moles, fat deposits, acne, scars, keloids, freckles, and other skin imperfections, through the use of a patented cream with fruit extract that has been proven safe, effective and fast healing with customer testimonials to back its claim.

I set my appointment at the newly-opened skinoveau Clinic at the San Lorenzo place in magallanes mrt station

Skin care is one of the most important part of my daily rituals; but there are times that I am just so lazy to remove my blackheads, whiteheads also do wear some facial masks, do some facials scrubs and even washing my face before going to bed! (I know right!) haha but I always make sure to remove my make up before going to bed naman. And my blogger friend Joyce sent from above 😇 recommended me to review and got the chance to try SKINOVEAU SKINCARE by Beauty Source.

Getting a Facial is important to understand how your skin works and how it reacts to stress, hormones, and the elements,” says Regine Berthelot, the treatment manager at Caudalie Spa in New York City. “People with problematic skin should book a monthly facial. At the least, getting one every season is recommended to keep the skin balanced.”


(Will post seperate blog for all the services they offer)


3 Total Sessions = 13,500

per session/monthly = 4,500

*(Depending on what part of the body but this is costed out with the most expensive part for this service)


Session = 10,000

Remove warts, Moles, Keloid, Fat Deposits, Acne, etc. using our patent fruit-based blemish removing cream.

1 Session = Based on number and size. For consultation.


The treatmeant room

The treatment room was relaxing and I really wanted to sleep on this bed during the session haha.

GENEO+ Facial

Three aspects:

  1. Exefoliation: It removes the upper layer of dead skin cells, similar to a gentle microdermabrasion.This 3-in-1 super facial lasts for about 45 minutes and aims to renew and tighten your skin with the help of TriPollar 3rd Generation RF technology.
  2. Skin rejuvenation: It infuses the skin with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants (just like the first-gen oxygen facials).It starts with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation process and then it infuses your skin with nutrients to revitalize it (read: make it look younger and brighter).
  3. OxyGeneo treatment triggers a response, so that your body will send more oxygen to the treated area. The results? Softer lines and wrinkles, smaller pores, firmer skin, and a gorgeous glow.

Machine used for the facial beside my treatment bed

Mary Grace Acuña

Who did my GENEO+ facial the treatment took 30 to 45 minutes or less.


Step 1: Cleansing. Step 2: Exfoliation. This step takes about six minutes. Your aesthetician paints the treatment gel (NeoRevive or NeoBright) all over your skin. Then, she fits the hand piece with a Capsugen (each client gets a fresh, hygienic one) and starts buffing it all over your face, causing some gentle foaming. She can also concentrate on areas of concern, such as the comedones around the nose or areas of hyperpigmentation. You feel a mild tingle, but nothing irritating or uncomfortable.

Galit na galit ang mga pimps ko dahil nabulabog sila) but infairness!

Smile pa din kahit ang sakit sakit na #tiisganda

Step 3: Dermal infusion. Then the foam is washed off and more NeoRevive or NeoBright gel is applied for the dermal infusion step (about eight minutes). Your aesthetician removes the used Capsugen capsule and uses a massage tip on the hand piece, gently going over all areas of the face to help the treatment gel absorb. I found this part a little more relaxing, since there was no bubbling or tingling.

Step 4: Hand massage. The last part was a final massage by hand of the remaining gel on my face, to get every last drop into my skin.

Your aesthetician hands you a mirror so you can admire your plumped-up, dewy glow!

What I love?

GENEO is that the effect in this facial are immediate! My skin looks brighter and radiant. I look younger and fresh 💆🏼

Also got a chance to see my blogger friend adrian! This was actually the first time that we met haha.

What I love? I had the best experience at this clinic. The clinic was clean, the equipment modern and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

Will I go back? Definitely!!! I last visited them last month and I’m planning to book an appointment for tomorrow.

I would recommend SKINOVEAU SKINCARE clinic to anyone contemplating getting skin treatment! Thank you so much!!!

So if you’re thinking of visiting one of the Clinics, give it a try to visit SKINOVEAU. Don’t forget to Like and follow to get the latest updates to their services.

facebook: Skinoveau

Instagram: Skinoveau

Availability: Monday – Sunday 10:00 AM – 8pm (last call 7pm)

Location: 2nd floor tower 4San Lorenzo Place, EDSA cor. Chino roces, Makati City.

Contact Number: 0917-101-SKIN



Have you just started your period???

Your period happens once a month, and usually lasts between 2-7 days, but it may take a few months for your period to be regular and predictable, the first few may be light and irregular. You may find it useful to keep track of your period each month, to see when it is due and when it arrives. This monthly process is called menstruation or a period.

Sanitary Pads

Pads are worn inside your underwear, and stick down to hold in place. They absorb your menstrual flow as it leaves your body. Change your pad every 4-6 hours and dispose of in the rubbish bin.

Stain-free nights are now possible with the new Whisper Cottony XX-Long Overnight! Its blue anti-leak channels, wider back, and soft cottony cover provide an all-night all around

comfortable 12-hour leakage protection for that happy and worry-free sleep goals at night.

Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnight: Nearly 40% longer and has 5x more absorbency than

your average pad.

Period nights need not be complicated! And for period nights, you can finally sleep comfortably, get all night all around leakage protection. All you need is Whisper Overnights which gives you all-around comfortable leakage protection all night!

I am one of those who bleed heavily during my monthly period, and so I have always been picky about the sanitary napkin I use. I have tried all the brands in the market.



It is so absorbent that it takes me through the entire night without waking up and changing and it has really protected me from stains and embarrassments.


Whisper sanitary napkins are extra long, it has X-Long (31cm)Overnight and XX-Long (36cm).

Soft and Comfortable

These are very soft and comfortable and are very gentle on skin.

Stay in Shape

Unlike other brands, Whisper maintains its shape even through the night.

I just hate it when my sanitary napkin bunches up during the night causing so much leakage right into my bed.


In my experience, I was physically comfortable while using the product.

The adhesive kept the napkin in place for me.

Light scented


Php. 44.00


1. Choose the appropriate absorption level. If you are barely spotting use light absorbancy, if you are bleeding heavily use a super, and for moderate to heavy use a normal absorbacy.

2. Unwrap the napkin, but keep the plastic wrapping to use later when the pad is going in the trash bin (this is polite to others who may use the restroom after you). Now, remove the protective sheet that covers the sticky side of the napkin.

3. Place the napkin, sticky side down, onto the middle of your panties directly below your lady parts. I have found this is best accomplished in a sitting position with your panties stretched around your knees as it keeps the panties taught and prevents wrinkles from bunching up underneath the pad. If you have wings on your pads wrap the wings underneath your panties and securely fasten them together. This will help the pad stay in place as you move.

4. Now just go on about your day. Remember that your pad should be changed every few hours depending on how heavy your period is. Once you get a new pad wrap the old one in the wrapper you saved and throw it in the trash. Never ever throw the pad in the toilet this will cause a clog and a backup and will be really nasty.

Was using other brand before but I was getting rashes after wearing the same for 3 – 4 days. Then I noticed Whisper all night about two months ago and glad that sampleroom sent me whisper #thankful. These are very soft and comfortable and are very gentle on skin.It makes me feel clean and fresh all night.

It just did a good job for me, it was comfortable even if you have to do a lot of walking, and climbing it had no leaks, the adhesive kept it at the same place and it did not irritate my skin underneath.During this day I was climbing mountain I was having my period – thanks to whisper, the climbing was really comfortable.. I will definitely recommend Whisper sanitary napkins to every woman out there, use it at your home or at your demanding job, it will do its job, at the right price. Kudos for the makers of this napkin, you understand every woman’s needs when it comes to sanitary napkins.

Hope this review was helpful for you!

Thanks Sample Room for sending this❤️

is a site that allow you to try the product before you buy! Feel free to sugn up and use the products that you haven’t tried before but wish to have.

They also provides you the latest and the most interesting beauty and personal care products free of charge! Just visit<<<<

Yes you!

What brand of napkin are you using?

Photo credits: Jonah Catanes @doymakulit


You know the feeling when you open up your closet and with hands on your hips you will say that…, WALA NA AKONG DAMIT NA MAISUOT! “I have nothing to wear” well in fact there are tons of well dressed hanger facing you and overflowing clothes that running out on your closet. Yet you can't seem to piece together an outfit you like to save your life. Why? How can that even be possible. What a joke! (Amini! Sinabi mo na din yan)

Sorry for blog flooding! But when my mind started to think about something I just couldn’t stop it, my ideas 💡 are overflowing. So today I’m gonna be sharing you some of my “blogger poses” and my OOTD that I got from my closet (looking stylish without buying anything new). Whether you want to start a career as a fashion blogger or you’re simply trying to nail the perfect OOTD shot, mastering the art of striking a pose is a must.

POSE 1: sit down and pull the hat trick

The Beret Hat
Less than eight months ago, it didn't look likely that any woman would ever wear a beret again. They'd long become the opposite of chic – mainly used as a symbol of French satire along with baguettes and a string of garlic cloves.
And yet last season, they made a comeback. At Dior, they were leather and pulled firmly over model heads (remember rhianna?). I got this beret hat last 2015 in Terranova

Backless Loafers
Get cozy in classic styles and everyone’s new favorite that are no longer only for backpack-wearing students in uniforms. In fact, classic loafers have been reinvented. Got my backless loafers from thrift shop Ukay-Ukay. I was very happy by how comfortable they felt.

POSE 2: Tip toe and Run your fingers through your hair.

Who says turtleneck is not cool? Turtleneck can be a bit tricky to style and pull off because it's not something we Filipinas are used to wearing. But just like any other basics in your wardrobe, with the proper mixing and matching with other closet staples, this tricky top can go from something unflattering to something super stylish.

POSE 3: adjust the glasses/sunnies

Cat-eye glasses
No wonder the vintage inspired cat-eye glasses is an iconic style accessory & a long time favorite for any fashionable woman. It can bring any outfit from “meh..” to “wow!” in just the time you put them on your face.

POSE 4: Pagod na ako upo naman

4B Big Black-Buckled Belt
Thanks to celebs like Kendall Jenner when she wore the big-buckled belt to prove the accessory amps up any outfit.

POSE 5: sit down and touch your ankle

Shield Sunnies
We all don't need to hide from paparazzi like the Kardashians (char!), but that doesn't mean we can't pretend? This 80's-inpsired style is sure to make you feel (and look!) like a total celeb this summer.
Buy  $29.95 / Php 1,497.50
I’m wearing top selling LMNT EYEWEAR To find more designers eyewear head over and use my Ambassadress code "LMNTELAINE20" to get instant 20% off!!!

So that it! I hope you learn a little. Tomorrow will be my normal working day #backtowork.

I wanna hear your thoughts 💭 please comment down below 👇🏻💕. Let me know if you want me to post more trending OOTD outfit 😉.

Pantene Pro-V and 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue

I was invited last August at The Penthouse 8747 as they launched Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner.

With my beautiful tin IG @cofficehunter

I was really excited when I got invitation from my blogger friend Tin @cofficehunter and to write about a product that I’ve been using ever since. I started using probably when I was a kid.

With my gorgeous friend Marielle

Did you know that being out in the sun is bad for our skin and hair as well? exposing your hair to the elements can make your strands feel dull, frizzy, oily and lifeless. It’s called hair asthma!

Worry no more! Thanks to Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner, a hair care regimen specifically created to address hair’s needs during the summer. The simple two-step system helps prevent damage caused by UV exposure by leaving hair strands with deep moisture and a protective shield.

Pwede na bang maging shampoo ambassador? Haha

Pantene’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo contains Pro-V formula that protects hair from root to tip, shielding it from pollution.

The event haven’t started yet so I still have time to eat haha. (The woman with the short hair is Alodia’s Mom)

Chibog time!

It also contains micro-bubble technology that features ingredients that are even smaller than some of pollution’s tiny dirt and dust particles, easily reaching and removing pollution particles from the hair cuticles and pores. Its micro-Keratin Damage Blocker technology purifies hair from unwanted heavy metals that can also damage hair. Ultimately, Pantene’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo transforms weak hair into strong hair so it is resilient enough to fight hair fall caused by breakage, even when it is exposed to extreme pollution.

I super love Pantene. It made my hair manageable, soft and light. This is the best conditioner for me most especially during summer (well lagi naman summer sa Pinas haha) it helps on my dry, frizzy hair to become soft, smooth and stay away from dryness. In just a minute i see the miracle on my hair.

Unlike other conditioner that is so heavy thanks to Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner.

Free hair make over!

The product that has launched its Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. When a product claims to help repair hair damage, make hair smoother, make hair stronger, and prevent split ends in just 3 minutes!!! of course, everybody’s going to want to have it especially if it would cost you way less than a visit to a salon.

Pantene ambassadors.
From left to right
(Rhea Bue @iamrheabue, Kim Cruz @kimcrooz, Camille Co @itscamilleco, Jasmine Curtis @jascurtissmith, first Filipina International Pantene AmbassadorGabbi Garcia @_gabbigarcia, Alodia Gosiengfiao @alodiaalmira, Chinchin Obcena @chinchinobcena, and Say Tioco @saytioco)

Boomerang with @iamrheabue and @kimcrooz (follow me on IG @followtheleign)

Feeling Wonderwoman! 😂

With the host

Protect Your Hair from Pollution
One of the most obvious side effects is damaged hair, with air pollution and dust particles leading to dull, lacklustre strands. The poor air quality can also aggravate sensitive scalps, causing itching and dandruff. Studies show that prolonged exposure to air pollution can even aggravate hair loss.

1. Cleanse your hair with your Pantene shampoo and conditioner (I only use shampoo every other day).
2. Do not rub your hair too vigorously when drying with a towel.
“When it’s damp, it is prone to friction, hence, causing the breakage and hair fall. Just gently press it with dry towel,”
3. Limit your exposure to the sun.
4. Do not use too much heat on your hair.
5. Be confident with your hair

Unlimited drinks 😱

For more information:
FACEBOOK: @PantenePhilippines

I wanna hear your thoughts 💭
Please comment below 💕


A couple of weeks ago I received two bars of soap from GAEA ORGANICS and here’s my personal feedback about the said product.

The soaps are made with fresh goats milk, premium vegetable oils, butter, spices and herbs plus botanical plants. They used finest ingredients without compromising the quality and use only bio degradable materials as much as we can.

The product brand is name after the owner’s first born Gaea Sofia.

I have a neutral undertone and acne prone skin that’s why I am very picky about the soap I use to wash my face.

The quickest way to determine your undertones is if your veins are visible. Hold up your arm in the natural light and determine the predominant color.
Look at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist.

photo credits to wikihow

  • If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone.
  • If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone.
  • If you can't tell if your veins are green or blue, you may have a neutral skin tone. If you have an olive complexion, you likely fall into this category.

The GAEA ORGANICS has two types of soaps:

Serendipity which is made from cocoa and goat milk and a hint of mint.

Ingredients: Saponied oil of olive oil. Coconut, Palm and Castor oil, Turmeric root powder, Paprika, Mica B6042, Titanium dioxide, Distilled water, Sodium hydroxide and Fragrance.

Sparkle is infused with turmeric and paprika with green tea scent to brighten the skin. (I think that your skin’s whitening capacity depends on your skin tone/complexion.)

Fresh goats milk, Sanofied oil of olive oil, coconut and castor, Theobroma Cacao, peppermint oil, Titanium Dioxide, Distilled water, Sodium Hydroxide and Fragrance.

I’m actually skeptical to use this soap because I’m actually reading reviews and research before using a specific product on my skin specially if it will cost me a lot of money. I always use home remedies and natural products. That’s why I’m very happy when @bulilitshop sent me these lovely soap.

Wet soap and lather up. Leave on the skin for 5 min. For maximum benefit. When done, allow the soap to dry between uses.

Just a couple of days of using it made a noticeable difference on my skin.

Here are my 5 reasons why I love the soap.

  1. It doesn’t sting my eyes. Unlike other commercial soaps which stung immediately. GAEA ORGANIC soap didn’t sting at all.
  2. It made my skin so soft. Its mild, nourishing for your skin.
  3. It doesn’t dry out my skin. When I finish washing, my skin is clean. It’s not itchy. 
  4. It’s gentle. My skin is not red or irritated.
  5. It smells is so good!. The SPARKLE soap smells like chocolate minty flavor I wanna taste it. Haha!

My only concern is that GAEA ORGANIC packaging was plastic.  No one could smell the soap or touch it.  It kept the soap clean.  But the packaging was plastic.  Plastic is bad for the environment.  My only suggestion is to switch the packaging to paper so its biodegradable.

Tip: If irritation occurs discontinue use. And if you have skin care problems please consult your dermatologist first before using this product.

Thank you Ms. Michelle for letting me try and review this product.

For orders:
📱: 09177231700
IG: bulilit_shop

I wanna hear your thoughts 💭 please comment below. 💕


MESA is a Filipino restaurant which offers wide variety of mouth watering filipino dishes with a twist.

From left to right (Me, Miss Vivienne, bloggers Glaiza, kay,diana,trisha and Sir Magno)

Marie Vivienne Abelador and Bienvenido Magno,Jr the Shareholder and part owner of Mesa at ayala mall the 30th.

I was excited when my friend Kay Abad Manuel invited us to Mesa food tasting event to try their delicious dishes along with other bloggers.

Mesa at ayala mall 30th has 2 CONFERENCE ROOMS that can accommodate events such as small family reunion, to a meeting, and other occasions.

Photo credits to / Chel Inumerable

  • Each rooms fits 14 people
  • Free use of projector.
  • Minimum P5000 consumable
  • For reservation please contact 09199844333 /09275619933

It was my first time to eat in this restaurant and their food has never disappointed me. I must humbly admit it is definitely one of the best restaurants in our country serving filipino traditional dishes.

The best seller I got to try

Starting with the appetizers:

Tinapa roll wrap with lettuce. P155
Flaked smoked fish with tomatoes and salted egg It was enclosed in lumpiang shanghai wrapper with vinegar dip. This is so good and This is something you should try.

Photo credits to John Harold Tan
Sisig in a pouch P. 190
Savory pork sisig in a pouch.

For our Main dish

Crispy boneless tilapia w/ 4 sauces P.340
This is my favorite! I super love the tilapia with or without sauce.

Kare kare beef and tripe P.295

Bagoong rice P. 165
Stir fried rice tossed with shrimp paste with shredded green mango.

Laing 2-ways P.170
Taro leave or also known as gabi here in the philippines, pork, shrimp paste and coconut cream topped with adobo flakes.

Suahe on the rocks P.295
What they do is they steamed the shrimps in front of you. They put suahe in a bowl with a bit of boiling water and some rocks and then cover it to cook the shrimps

Boneless patatim P.515

Crispy boneless pata P.505
Crispy and tasty you should try this.

Pinatayong manok P.515
The chicken was tender very tasty even without the sauce. I’m kinda surprise with the unique presentation since I am only familiar with the pinaupong manok or chicken emo only.

Inihaw Platter P.725
Grilled chicken leg quarter, squid, liempo, bangus belly, mussels, ahrimp and pork bbq. This is a real deal in one plate five grilled favorites! Good for 4-5 persons 👌🏻

For dessert

Crispy leche flan P.75
In my opinion it doesn’t taste like leche Flan, but it taste good tho.

Pandan macapuno rumble P.80

Sagot’t Gulaman P. 80

Will I go back to this restaurant? BIG YES!!! Definitely worth going back for more delicious and affordable foods. Ideal for big families or big group. I recommended this to my friends, family and balikbayan relatives.

Mesa Ayala Malls the 30th
Like Mesa FB page:
Follow them on TWITTER:
Follow them on INSTAGRAM:

For more details you may Contact: 955-1736 or 0995 2303061
Email Address:


Have you bought anything from the Ukay-Ukay?

Thrift Store is a place we know here in Philippines as an Ukay-Ukay (in short UK) is actually gouging in a pile of run down clothes, the word is derived from the Filipino phrase ‘halukay’ which literally means “digging” or “make a mess.” Nowadays it is a term used for places that sell old clothes, bags, shoes and other pre-owned goods at very low prices.

Most of us love to look good, who wouldn’t want that anyway? and some people always want to keep up with the “USO”. So why not look great and keep up on fashion trends without hurting your pockets? So here’s how to look great on a budget with the help of Ukay-Ukay Store 😉.
All you need is to bring the following : 

  1. LONG Patience and Perseverance (you need to dig deep to find great pieces)
  2. Hanky/Tissue/Facetowel 
  3. Eco bag
  4. Don’t be afraid to Haggle-frock

So here’s my first trendy outfit this is entirely thrifted. Ruffled Top, P40; Frayed Skirt, P20; Shoes, P50

Ruffles, frills, tassels and load of denim at 90’s fashion that is coming back in style! 

This ruffle Top, P10; Ruffle gingham skirt, P20

With the same outfit but I just tried the super cute and trendy double space bun

White and blue striped dress, P50; Basket Bag with Flower details, P100

 White and blue vertical/horizontal striped dresses is simple yet stylish (this is uso these days). See? You can find trendy outfit below P100. If you gonna buy this trendy outfit in zalora it will cost you P1299. 

Straw tote bag with Flower detail, P100

Look to the left, look to the right, and chances are you’ll catch a sleek woven straw bag on woman’s hand this days. I super love this bag ❤️️

Korean head band is also in these days, but this one that I am wearing is actually the belt of this dress. 

Lace dress, P100

When I first saw this dress hindi ko na sya binitawan. If you see something that caught your eye grab it! Fit it! Haggle and buy it! You may not be able to see and come back for it,  or will most likely be gone by the time you return (talking from experience. Yung sabi mo babalikan mo sya pero pagbalik mo nakuha na ng iba. 💔).

Did you know that 90% of my wardrobe comes from UKAY-UKAY-Fact!

REMINDER: After you buy: Rinse clothing in vinegar (known to eliminate germs) and wash it off. Another option is to slightly boil it to kill bacteria. 




Pangasinan is a province in the Philippines. The term Pangasinan means the \”place where salt is made\”, owing to the rich and fine salt beds which were the prime source of livelihood for the province’s coastal towns. 

Pangasinan has a lot of beautiful destinations. #Followtheleign to the 5 places we visited. Let me take you with me and you will surely be left awestruck by the province natural beauty. 

  1. Bolinao falls I and II
  2. Enchanted cave
  3. Rock formation 
  4. Patar white beach 
  5. Cape lighthouse 

BOLINAO WATERFALLS II.                        Fee: php 50.00

The blue green water of the falls is really inviting. Surprisingly the water is not super cold as what I expecting, but its raining for the past few days?. Still wondering.

WATERFALLS I                                                   Fee: php 20.00                                            Going to Bolinao Falls 1 took us at least 20 minutes. The road to the falls is unfinished and quite rocky. 

Fee: php 150.00 for viewing/swimming.

Enchanted Cave should be in your priority list. The water is so clear and enthralling and they it has the power to whiten your skin haha. Its depth is estimated to be around 3 ft to 6 ft. It also houses a trail of hundreds of corals that more look like rocks. According to my research, millions of years ago Bolinao was under the sea due to the discovery of Fossilized giant clams around the area and formation of this pool is supposed to be the result of evolution.

There is also hammock, perfect place to relax. 

ROCK FORMATIONS                                    Fee: php 70.00

Waves of South China Sea could get here during rainy season like today, this place is just perfect, I am really glad that we visited the pangasinan during rainy season,I saw my friend photo last summer here and its a bit dry and mossy. Sound of waves crashing in the rock formations makes me feel so relax and free.

So beautiful and relaxing 

Shaped and sculpted over millions of years, these stunning landscapes and rock formations. 

The white beach in Barangay Patar is a scenic spot ideal for tourism purposes.

Patar beach is a gem for the beach bums and the nature lovers as well.

 Though its sand may not be as pure white and refined as that of Boracay’s, its clear aquamarine waters and unspoiled surroundings are as inviting as any of the top beaches in the country. 

For travelers who constantly avoid crowded and over-developed beaches, the Patar beach of Bolinao is the best fit.

Certainly an idyllic place for a vacation get-away.  Go there during Bermonths. I must say this, chasing waterfalls experience is best be done during which the flow of water is strong and not too darn hot. 

Thank you for reading. Join me on my travel #followtheleign 🙂

Budget: 1500 


  • Food
  • Fare
  • Fee’s

Portrait photo credits to: Photographer @doymakulit

Landscape captured: @elaineoros


How did I survive Mt. Pulag? Let me take you with me. 

Mt. Pulag is the Second highest peak in luzon and 3rd highest mountain the philippines. It is composed of three types of vegetation namely Pine Forest, Mossy Forest and the Grass Land. It has  an elevation of 2,922 above sea level. 

I am not a preofessional climber or mountaineer, but I  already climbed two mountain somewhere in zambales and laguna but its been years ago. I know there’s a lot of people who wants to go to Mt. Pulag. So, here’s my story of a beginner/ first timer climber. We took Ambangeg trail and climbed for 8 hours back and fort.

My Climbing Equipments

  • Trekking Poles (Optional you can just rent in the ranger station if you want 50 php.)
  • 3 leggings 
  • Rush guard 
  • 2 sleeveless under my rush guard
  • 2 thick light jacket windproof & waterproof
  • Scarf/Neck warmer  
  • Ball caps
  • Socks 3 pairs
  • Waterbottles 2 (there are spring water on the mountain that you may see while climbing)
  • Headlamp extra bulbs & 2 sets of fresh batteries
  • 2 small flash lights
  • Snacks (chocolates, chips and banana)
  • Baby wipes For personal hygiene
  • Sunblock & Lip balm/petroleum jelly  
  • Camera
  • Power bank
  • Toiletry Kit Toothbrush, comb, etc
  • First aid kit/medications  
  • Small towel/washcloth  
  • ID
  • Medical certificate

Day 1 (July 23,2016) 12:00 AM 

We left manila around 12:AM and took van ride to Baguio for 5 hours. We had breakfast at session road at Zola restaurant.

The food and ambiance is great.

I ordered grilled chicken omellete with refillable coffee

Van ride again for almost 2 hours going to Benguet. We needed to stop at DENR for registration and orientation.

We turn back to the DMMH to get medical certificate, it is mandatory before going to Mt. Pulag for the safety purposes of the trekker.

Upon reaching Ranger station around o5:00 PM (thats the starting point of the climb) We rented 2 rooms that has 6 beds and had dinner, listen to the villagers story about Mt. Pulag, sleep and prepare for the next day. We left our things at the ranger station and just bring nescesarry things before climbing.

Slumber party with the villager 😁

Day 2 July 24, 2016 01:00 AM

We started climbing at 01:00 AM. The climbing will take 3 to 4 hours, but it still defend on you and your fellow trekkers speed. 

I took this photo. When we return back to the rangers station.

We started our trek. Its raining during that time and trail is very steep and slippery. Im a little bit use to it coz i grew up in province and use to climbed on my aunties farm in bataan.

Believe me it was very tiring! It was like my spinal cord was going to break. The steepness of the trail help me to fight the cold.

Taking a rest. The “I wanna go home part”

Camp one. Finally a long rest while waiting for the others.

Dadating kapaba? #emotera haha

We are now entering inside the Mossy Forest.

A closer look to a mossy tree.

Random plants, I took on the side of the trail while climbing

More of Mossy Forest.

I really like the taste of mountain spring water. Its hard to described to those who have not yet tasted it. But it taste really refreshing.

Taking photos while waiting for the others. It was really cold when you stop.

Into the Grass Land. 

“Ang lamig noh? Parang ikaw ang lamig lamig mo” #humuhugotsapulag

4 peak. 3 peak. 2 peak. And then that’s it! Keep walking, keep climbing soon I will reach the top! (Motivating myself while walking haha )

I can now feel you sea of clouds. I can see you right there! ☝Group shot with my crew. We did it!!! We survive Mt.pulag. We beat the cold and struggles.

It was really fun climbing. You got to meet new friends with the same hobbies and interests.

We felt like we’re flying.

Making “kulit” poses on the summit.

With @donapajares a new friend/buddy. 

I’m so proud of myself that I survive the 2nd highest peak in luzon.Great achievement for a beginner like me.

I cant contain my happiness.I want to scream but it’s forbidden. Mother earth will get mad. 

I called this “river of clouds”

THANK YOU for reading. I hope you enjoy my adventure and I hope you will get a chance to climed Mt.Pulag too. #Followtheleign on my next adventure. 

Budget all in: 2,100 Php.

Blogapalooza 2016 experience


This would be my first Blogapalooza experience, This is actually one of the largest gatherings of bloggers and businesses. I was so excited because it was an opportunity to learn something new, have fun and, possibly, meet fellow bloggers. This event has lot of games and  activities. I had a marvelous experience and got a lot of freebies and giveaways.


Me on the right side, while waiting for the gate to open.


First booth we visited was Cocio. In this booth youre going to design your own flat lay. Cocio is a chocolate milk drink. They have two bottles of Cocio’s, one was Cocio Classic and the other was Cocio One. both tasted magnificent!



This booth is my favorite! they don’t just let us eat one of their delicious sandwich and milkshakes, they also gave us Arla cheesy spread. How cool was that right?


haven’t heard? Megawatt is a newly opened restaurant in Quezon City. Specializes in Tex-Mex dishes, with a little bit of an Asian twist. Their pizza crust is electrifying because of the crunchiness sensation. I would definitely visit their restaurant one of this day.


In this game you have 2 minutes to finish the puzzle. Happily i finish the puzzle on time i could still feel my heart beating so fast while playing and I won 100 business cards. Yey!


Vita Coco natural coconut water for free! It helps me keep hydrated naturally while roaming around.


Finally, Ginger Arboleda of Manila Workshops started the event with her inspiring insights and marketing strategies about blogging.


I apologize for the blurred photo i just wanted to share that my new friend Me-an (unfortunately we didnt get a chance to have a photo) got a chance to date this cutie Christian Bautista OMG! Among the 3 girls on the stage, this guy chose me-an. Sooo jealousss. But im happy for her :mrgreen:


The discussion is all about “How brands can work best with celebrities and infuencers” with Matec Villanueva, Sir Norman, Erika padilla and mikael Daez.



Lloyd Cadena discussed about strategy and building a solid follower base.


I beleived that this is the best part of this event. I decided to sponsor a child somewhere in visayas until he graduated. Helping others is not only good for them and a good thing to do, it also makes us happier and healthier too. Giving also connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone. And it’s not all about money – we can also give our time, ideas and energy. So if you want to feel good, do good!


And that’s it. Till next blogapalooza fellow bloggers, readers, everyone ☺